The Hunting Network is the premiere Paintball Club in the Boston area.
Our club offers its players and guests a unique venue for entertaining and relaxation.


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The Types of Games

Defend / Attack Fort - 1 flag game

One team defends the fort while the other attacks it. The object it to grab the flag. If the attacking team grab the fort’s flag within the time limit by a live player, the attackers win and the game is over. If the attackers cannot grab the flag within the set time limit of this game, then the defenders win.

Defend / Attack Big Hill - 1 flag game

One team defends the Big Hill while the other attacks it. The object it to grab the flag. If the attacking team grab the Big Hill’s flag within the time limit by a live player, the attackers win and the game is over. If the attackers cannot grab the flag within the set time limit of this game, then the defenders win.

Big Hill to Fort – two flag game

One team defends the fort while the other team defends the big hill. The fort and the big hill each have one flag. Each team has to defend and attack the others station. The opposing team has to grab the opposite flag and return it to their starting station before the time limit expires. This must be done by a live and valid player.

America to Bosnia – two flag game

One team defends America while the other team defends Bosnia. America and Bosnia each have one flag. Each team has to defend and attack the others station. The opposing team has to grab the opposite flag and return it to their starting station before the time limit expires. This must be done by a live and valid player.

Big Hill to Small Hill – two flag game

One team defends the big hill while the other team defends the small hill. The small hill and the big hill each have one flag. Each team has to defend and attack the others station. The opposing team has to grab the opposite flag and return it to their starting station before the time limit expires. This must be done by a live and valid player.

Mutant conversion game

A small contingent of about 5 or six players go out without armbands. They are the mutants. They are given a 5 – 10 minute head start before the beginning of the game to get into position anywhere on the field. The other team (the Hunters) chooses their medic and marks him or her with a white armband. When the horn starts the game the entire Hunter team hunts the Mutant players down. The catch is that if a player is shot, he or she does not exit the field immediately. Instead he or she stand (or sits) with the barrel plug in at the spot he or she was shot, and yells for a medic. If a hunter is shot, and is touched by the hunter medic he is revived and can play on. If he is touched by a mutant, he removes the armband and is revived on the mutant team. The Hunter medic cannot convert mutants to hunters. Only the original Mutants can convert people.The game ends when either the time expires or all of one team has been eliminated or converted, whichever comes first.


20 of the players goes out with as much ammo as they can carry and any ordinance they may have. No less then 2 fugitives at any time. They are given a point to start from known only by the refs, but it will be far out in the farthest points from the staging area. The Warden team is the special agents given the task to hunt these individuals down before they get into the other country; a high political leader has hired these wardens to stop the fugitives with any (game legal) means. The wardens are limited to only what is in their hoppers; no extra paint can be carried by any warden, except the captain, which is allowed to carry paint and ordinance as normal. The object of the game is to eliminate the fugitives before one of them is able to cross the border. The border is a length of surveyor’s tape across one point. Only one fugitive needs to make it through the tape for the fugitives to win. Eliminations are as normal. The time limit is longer on this game. And the game ends when either all the fugitives have been eliminated, or one of the fugitives breaks the tape, as a valid and live player.

Presidents Escort

A President’s game is similar to the following Ho Chi Min trail game in that the escorting team’s President can not leave the trail, however the Secret Service Agents can. The goal of the Presidents game is to successfully escort the president to the White House (Fort). This is done by the President pulling the flag in the center of the fort. The President is unarmed, and cannot carry paint or other ordinance for other people. The escort must follow the trail that leads from the Bridge that’s not a bridge to the fort, including the Main trail that leads up the front of the fort. The assassination teams Starts at the place known as Bosnia, and can move where they wish during the game. The assassination team cannot at any time be within the fort, but may use the outer walls as cover if need be, they can not enter it. The Object for the assassination team is to eliminated the President at all costs, or to capture him / her and return the president to the big hill.The game ends when the time limit runs out and none of the objectives have been completed, the president successfully pulls the White House flag, the Assassinating team eliminates the president, or the President is escorted to the big hill. The president is eliminated as normal. The Secret Agent force is larger than the assassinating team.

Ho Chi’ Min Trail

Two Teams about the same size. One team defends the bride that’s not a bridge, and can place them selves anywhere on the field to do it. The defending team can not fire on the platoon while it is on the main trail (this is the one that runs by the fort and the ATV’s commonly use). The other team is the demolition platoon, who is VERY unfamiliar with the area, and must follow the trail all the way to the bridge that’s not a bridge. They are allowed to go no more than 20 feet (use your fair and honorable judgement) off the trail. The object is to break the tape across the Bridge that’s not a bridge by running at least one platoon member through it.The game ends either by time running out without completion of objective, by the tape being broken by a valid and live player, or by the platoons being totally eliminated.

5 Man Head On Challenge

This is a REC-BALL Tournament style speedball played up behind America. Actually it is 5 on 5 or 10 on 10 or whatever on whatever. Players can challenge other players in the staging area, and these games can be played as other games are being played on the field. Some games can not be played along side the games like Blow the bridge and Bosnia to America Games. This is a type of Tournament practice.

Flag to Tape – on the Trail

This is a wild type of wilderness speedball. Where one team starts at the intersection of the main trail and the Trail to America, and the other team starts at the intersection of the main trail and the trail leading to Bosnia. At each starting point there is a tape running across the trail. The flag is roughly in the middle on the main trail. The object of the game is to get the flag and run it through the opposing team’s tapeline. Players do not have to stay on the trail for this game and can venture as wide as the normal field boundaries if they wish. Eliminations are as normal.The game ends either when the time expires or the flag is run through a tapeline. These games are usually fast and are not far from the staging are and allow quick and easy turnarounds. They are also used a filler games at lunch or any other time a quick game is needed.

Blow up the Bridge

One team defends the bridge the other team attack it. The attacking team either has to break the tape on the bridge or place (not toss) a simulated explosive on the bridge with a live player. The means of the game will be determined before the game begins; usually it is by breaking the tape. The defending team can set up anywhere they want on the field, the attacking team can attack from anywhere on the field they want.The game ends when either the time expires or the bridge is blown.

Terminator Y2K

This is an addition to normal game (except 5-man challenge and scenarios). It will be announce before the beginning of the game if this will be a T-Y2K game.Players play the intended game as normal, with the exception that at a designated time a tiny band of terminators enter the field with their own agenda. These terminators are unaffected by normal paintball hits. They however do have a weak spot in their armor. A 4-inch by 4-inch piece of Duct tape is attached to them in plain sight, either on their gear, their person or even their gun. If this spot is hit by an eliminating mark, then they are out. A grenade hit on a terminator counts as normal and will also eliminate a terminator, even without tagging the hole in their armor. Terminators will not help any team directly and are only interested in their own objectives.Volunteers will be taken for terminators, as they will be taking a heavy abuse from multiple hits. If you do not want to get pounded on by relentless paint, do not volunteer as a terminator. Until a terminator calls himself out or surrenders, he is fair game and may be hit many more times than usual.

Wild Recycle

This game is usually not played at standish, but rather at the Limerick field.A small group of players no more than 5 defends a particular location. At 1-min intervals another team of 5 or less players is released. All teams are not only trying to control the point of interest but are also fighting each other teaming. Now this is how the Wild recycle happens. When a player is eliminated he or she go back to the starting point and checks in, at that time the player can reenter the game, either alone or with no more than 4 other players, the catch is that those reentering players are now on another team, each player is no longer on their original team. The reentering team enters the area at the designated point and is free to go where they choose within the boundaries of the game. The objective to claim and control the point of interest at the end of the game, and also battle other teams trying to do the same thing. This game tends to be a bit confusing in the area of identifying who is who. A good rule of thumb is that if they are behind you or in front of you they are not with you. This is usually played at Limerick in a limited boundary area, and is usually the last game of the day allowing players to reenter, at their own desire (after checking in). The game ends when the time runs out and one team controls the point of interest.

P.O.W. s

Used with any base camp type area. Up to 5 players from the recovery team are taken out with their guns ( plugs in ) with the terrorist team. The POP’s are placed in or around any structure within the base camp. The POP’s must stay where they are put, they can not run off or around, unless the situation posses a safety hazard and forces the player to move to into the base camp for another position. The recovery team must get in and touched by physical contact each POP. When the POP is touched he or she can remove their plug, and become an active player. The object is to get as many of the POP’s out and back to the Recovery team’s base as possible. If all the hostages are eliminated the Recovery team looses. POP’s can not be used as human shields, and can only be eliminated after they have been activated.


Simple as it sounds. One team starts in the middle of a base camp, and the other at a point close by but not within sight. The Escaping team has to escape back to another position behind the lines where the other tam began. The Escaping team must get at least ½ of its original count to the other base. Once in the base they are immune to hits and also can not return fire. The attacking team can not enter the Escaper’s destination camp, nor fire into it, but they can defend around it. The game ends at the time limit or when at least ½ of the escaping team reaches the inner destination camp.


Very similar to the presidents game and the ho chi min trail game, the transporting team must carry a designated item or material in the designated fashion to a destination point. They must stay on a predetermined course. The usuall destination point is within 30 – 60 feet of a fort or base camp. The route is known to both teams. The non-transporting team defends this destination spot. All members of the team must remain in the boundaries of the base camp, with the exception of the intercept force which consists of no more than ¼ of the non transporting team. No other players may leave the boundary of the base camp after the intercept team.The game ends when the transporting team gets the material to the destination point, or time runs out.The non-transporting team can not touch the item being transported.

Quicky Day Scenarios

– VARIES will be explained on game day.

Advanced Scenarios

– Varies, will be posted and explained in advanced and at game day.

Hyper SLAM Speedball

– Two team face off on a speedball type arena. The catch is that you are only allowed what your hopper can hold, and one tank of air. Also gun and hopper hits count. The time limit varies pending on # of people per team. Times are usually between 10 and 15 min. also pending the size of the field.

More to come

What equipment should I get?

First, play with rented or borrowed equipment a few times. This will help make sure that you're truly interested in the game before shelling out a significant amount of money. It will also give you a chance to learn how the game is played.

Take an opportunity to try out other players' markers at the field - most players are more than happy to let a new player try their marker out at the range or even borrow it for a game.
The good news is that in terms of equipment, paintball isn't that expensive compared to other sports. A good, entry-level paintball package can be had for around $150 - $175.

The most important item is the mask. Think about getting what's known as a "thermal" lens, which has two panes to help prevent fogging. Some masks have fans built-in for keeping the air circulating and limiting the fogging problem. There is also anti-fog spray available.

In terms of markers, several companies offer well-reputed entry level markers, including Spyder and Tippmann. Crazy Breadman Paintball carries both (among others), and can order just about any other brand if requested.

You'll also need, at a minimum, three other pieces of equipment: An air source, usually a CO2 tank; a hopper to hold the paintballs; and a barrel blocking device. All of these things come with markers purchased at the Breadman.

Additional optional equipment includes a day pack specifically designed to carry extra paint, shin and knee pads, and a squeegee to clean out the marker in the event that a paintball breaks inside. At the entry level, it's probably best to buy from a local retailer (us!) who can answer your questions and provide service. This is far better than ordering on-line for several reasons -

There is also a wide variety of used paintball equipment on auction sites such as E-Bay and some of the major paintball websites. But remember: on-line and auction purchases have their risks.

Ready to play, but there are Rules!

The Breadman meets with all players before heading off to the games. Each game-day, we have a safety briefing to go over the rules of safety and fair play. Then, we break up into teams. We make every effort to make the teams even as far as ages and abilities go -- and we've been known to switch-up a few players here and there to accomplish even teams. The object is FUN - not to allow one team to "trash" the other.Go - go - go!

The very first and most important thing to remember is: never EVER take off your mask! This is very detrimental to your vision's health. A paintball could pop your eye out of your head. Don't ever take your facial protection off, except in designated areas.

Second, make sure you chronograph your marker several times a day. This allows you to set the speed at which the paintballs are being shot, and is a major issue at all good fields. You need to have your marker set to shoot at 300-feet-per-second (called "FPS") or less. Never more! This is to protect players and equipment from shots that are too hot, and could cause mask failure and then injury. Many fields use 280-fps as their maximum. You can use a tactical watch such a G-Shock to help you with chronographing.

Make sure you understand your marker and its limitations - whether a rental or your own. Ask if you don't know.

Some people say paintballs don't hurt when they hit, if you're playing hard and the adrenaline is rushing. You might not even feel them until the day after. Paintballs that hit you and don't break hurt a little more because they hit and bounce off. The time they are in contact with you is shorter and the energy isn't dissipated from the break. When it does break, it's in contact with you longer and is cushioned by your skin, fat, etc. Some people say that the feeling of a paintball hitting you is similar to getting hit with a snapping towel. Yeah, you'll feel it. But only for a very short time.

Wear darker clothes, don't wear white. White is just too bright and you could get eliminated faster. Wear some type of boots or comfortable hiking/running shoes. Some people prefer football or soccer cleats. For the Ladies, follow these tips to choose the perfect women's hiking boots.

Always be honest. If you get hit and see the splat on you, raise your hand and marker, and exit the game with your barrel plug in. There's always another game to redeem yourself. People who cheat and wipe their hits off really suck.

Don't be afraid to ask or learn. With the advancements of technology these days,it's hard for anyone to know everything about paintball. Always appoint a team captain and follow his orders no matter what. This is the key. The team captain doesn't have to be the most experienced or the wildest or the most intelligent, but there has to be one captain. Follow orders even if you think you have a better plan. Don't go for self-glory. Obey your captain even if it doesn't fit your method of play.

Keep your eyes open. Many players gain ground and then quickly get eliminated because they were not looking sideways. They go straight forward and then are attacked by other players from the sides and even behind them. It's a mistake even the most advanced players make. It's not easy to look around. Our brains always focus on one thing. Train yourself to look around as you run, hide, attack, and take cover.

Be alert and never focus too much on one thing. Don't keep shooting at the same guy behind the same bunker over and over again. Move on and surprise him from the side or another angle.

Don't stay in the same spot too long. If you're in a fort, don't keep shooting from the same side forever, it's not productive. Go to the other end, go to the second level. Move away from the bunkers and walk out unprotected and hold people down. Don't stay put!

Don't group up. For first-timers, it's real easy to just follow other people around and hide where they hide, and shoot at what they shoot. Be your own player! Try to find your own hiding spots and bunkers. Remember: if you're all grouped up together behind a bunker, or fort wall, or some other place, one paintgrenade is all it takes to eliminate all of you at once.

Never give up. (This is different than surrendering.) Whether you run out of air, paint or energy... don't ever stop or quit. You're still useful. No one has to know that you're all out. Never call yourself out if you are unsure. If you question whether or not a shot hit you and broke, call a paintcheck and have the referee check. Don't just call yourself out because you felt a hit. Wait for the referee to confirm. Always call a paintcheck or ask teammate if you're unsure.